Service Strategy
1、Shopping products
Customers can choose products on the platform according to their own needs. If necessary, merchants can provide customers with purchasing suggestions.
2、Payment settlement
After completing the product selection on the platform, the details and total prices of all the products selected by the customer will be displayed. After the customer confirms, they can enter the online payment process by settling the payment.
3、Logistics delivery
After the payment for the selected product is completed, the product will be delivered to the customer through the logistics delivery process. Logistics delivery usually takes 2 to 6 working days to deliver.
4、After sales guarantee
1. Manufacturer's services
The warranty period for this product is one month. Within this time frame, repair requests can be submitted. Please refer to the manufacturer's service for details.
2. Platform Commitment
The products sold and shipped by platform sellers are provided with corresponding after-sales services by platform sellers. Please rest assured to purchase!
Note: Due to the fact that the manufacturer may change the product packaging, origin, or some attachments without any prior notice, our company cannot guarantee that the goods received by the customer are completely consistent with the store pictures, origin, and attachment instructions. Only genuine goods can be guaranteed! And ensure consistency with the same mainstream new products in the market at that time. If the platform has not been updated in a timely manner, please understand!
3. Manufacturer's commitment
The manufacturer guarantees that all products sold are genuine and commercially available.
4. Worry free return
Within 7 days (including 7 days, calculated from the date the customer receives the product) of purchasing the platform product, customers can return the product without any reason, provided that the product is in good condition. (Except for some products, please refer to the product details for details)

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